Relaxed mashup by DJ 21azy to set off your Thanksgiving holiday.

Good song, great video!


DOPE Review: Kanye West Feat Vega Choir - Forever West (Urban Noize Remix)

Dj’s Rule the world. Production Duo Urban Noize have done it again with their ill take on Kanye Wests stellar “Forever” Verse giving it an air of power and righteousness that Kanye usually exudes anyway on all his tracks. We must share this with you simply because the new beat makes the verse feel like it needed a song of its own all along, and also to prep you for the full length project Urban Noize has on the way featuring more epic Yeezy verses. DJ’s PLEASE put this in your Serato. Super.

Album Art

Smooth and simple Deadmau5 with solid vocals from Chris James.

ArtistDeadmau5 ft. Chris James
TitleThe Veldt

Alvin Risk - We Are Young Remix

New Hoodie.


Its finally here “NEW RELIGION”